The Battle of Pavia 1525: Spanish Order of Battle

Since arriving at Pavia three weeks ago the French siege lines have been probed for a weakness. The wall surrounding the park is quite formidable, but the guard on the northern edge is lax. Thus with time running out, the Pavia garrison mostly mercenaries who will surrendur tomorrow unless they are paid, an attempt must be made today. A group of engineers began work on the wall last night with their noise covered by the bombardment of the siege lines. They have opened a four element wide breach in the wall just to the east of the stream. Much of the Spanish army has poured through this breach and the Porta Pescarina and is moving south to break the siege. An advance force is moving now to take Castello Mirabello where it is thought Francis I, the young French king, has his headquarters.

The Spanish may locate four of their commands south of the wall. The others may be placed anywhere north of the wall and east of the stream. The commands south of the wall can set up any where in the rough going or within 750 p south of the wall and east of the rough going. Any commands set up in the rough going may begin the game concealed (set up off table) to be revealed when they are sighted by French (remember the mist limiting visibility to 300 p), move, or shoot.

Spanish Commands

Command Break Point Elements
Heavy Horse 4 Sub Gen Ln(S) (Pescara), Ln(O)x5, Ln(I)x5
Light Horse 8 Sub Gen Ln(O) (Lannoy), LH(S)x10, LH(O)x10
Spanish Coluna x2 9 Sub Gen Ln(S) (C-in-C Bourbon, Sitlich), Pk(O)x16, Sh(I)x8, Art(O)x1
Landsknecht 11 Sub Gen Ln(S) (Von Frundsberg), Pk(O)x24, Sh(I)x6
Advanced Guard 10 Sub Gen Ln(S) (DeVasto), Sk(S)x14, Sh(I)x14

To turn this more into a simulation of the Battle of Pavia, rather than a game, the Advanced Guard should be required to set up in the south half of the rough going, the Heavy Horse in the north half, the Landsknechts on the road south of the Porta Pescarina, and the Light Horse to their east.