The Battle of Pavia 1525

This is a scenario for the renaissance miniature combat rules De Bellis Renationis (DBR). It simulates one of the last battles of the Italian Wars in 1525 when a Spanish Imperial army attempted to relieve a French siege of the Italian city of Pavia. The real battle was fought on the morning of 24 February. A heavy mist hangs over the battle field (visibility reduced to 300 p; clears the bound after any PIP dice score averages 5 or more).

The French Army and information on French depolyment. Spainards stay away.

The Spanish Army and information on Spanish deployment. French stay away.

The map depicts the northern half of the "Old Park" of Pavia. The city it self is off the southern edge of the map. The dotted lines represent one foot lines. It should fill Bob's big table. It has a road running across its northern edge. Just south of the road is the park wall which is impassible to any troops. There is a one element wide gate in the middle of the eastern half of the wall called Porta Pescarina. A paltry river, the Vernavola Stream, runs from north to south across the center of the battle field. The center of the field is dominated by an open wood, which is rough going but not a wood for visibility purposes. Just south of the open wood is the Castello Mirabello, represented by a small BUA. The darker patches on the corners of the battle field are dense woods, which are difficult going. A road network runs around the battle field.

Click map for a large version Pavia Map

French set up first, followed by Spanish. Spanish move first.

French win if they break 4 of the 6 Spanish commands. Spanish win if they break 2 of 4 French commands.

Scenario by Dave Cinabro