The Great Battle

This is a scenario for the fantasy miniature combat rules Hordes of the Things. See also the very nice unofficial web-site for 'Hordes of the Things', the Stronghold, for lots more on the rules.

This is a battle from the deep past of Nimolee. The Nalmian Empire, before it feel into corruption and decay, was beset by the Air Demons and their foul allies, barbarians, evil magicians, and orc hordes. The forces of the Empire rallied against the Air Demons and had pushed them back to their stronghold. In a last effort the forces of the Empire moved to banish the Air Demons back to whatever foul hell they had escaped while the Demons and their allies made a desperate stand against death and defeat.

The Forces

Side Army Elements Player
Empire First Legion 1 Hero General (the Emperor), 1 Mage, 2 Knights, 3 Blades, 4 Shooters -
Empire Second Legion 1 Hero General, 1 Mage, 2 Knights, 3 Blades, 4 Shooters -
Empire Elves 1 Mage General, 1 Mage, 3 Blades, 2 Knights, 3 Shooters -
Empire Dwarves 1 Hero General, 1 Artillery, 1 Sneaker, 3 Shooters, 3 Blades -
Empire Church 1 Paladin, 1 Cleric, 1 Knight General, 2 Knights, 4 Shooters, 3 Hordes -
Air Demon Air Demons 1 Mage General, 2 Airboats, 7 Flyers -
Air Demon Orcs 1 Warband General, 2 Warbands, 2 Riders, 2 Beasts, 9 Hordes, 1 Lurker -
Air Demon Undead 1 Mage General, 1 Behemoth, 2 Riders, 9 Hordes, 1 Lurker -
Air Demon Warband Barbarians 1 Hero General, 1 Mage, 1 Rider, 6 Warbands, 1 Shooter -
Air Demon Horse Barbarians 1 Hero General, 1 Mage, 8 Riders -

The map has the Air Demon stronghold as a focus. It sits in a protected vale with woods to the north and hills to the other sides. The hills are pierced by a road running from the southwest to the northeast and a river running from north to south. The road enters the vale through a narrow defile between the hills and crosses a large bridge over the river. After leading up to the stronghold the road turns due east parallel with the edge of the forest. The vale can also be entered by a sizeable gap to the east of river between the river and the hills just south of the bridge. Also to the east of the stronghold the northern edge of the hills stops at the line of the road leaving a sizeable gap between the hills and the forest due east of the stronghold. Beyond the protected vale the land is generally flat, but there is a swamp surrounding the river due south of the vale, and two areas of rough, boulder strewn ground to the southeast and northwest of vale.

Click map for a large version Great Battle Map

The Air Demons set up first. The Air Demon army starts in the stronghold and they can leave it by any direction as they are all flying. The other commands can either be set up in the open outside the set up area of the Empire side, or start concealed (such set up is secret from the other side) in any of the bad going. The Air Demon player designates the location and the edge of which bad going such armies are set. Such armies can leave the bad going away from this edge generally in line at the good going movement rate. Any other move (for example through the bad going to the other side of their indicated set up or in column) is at the bad going movement rate. The stronghold acts as a normal stronghold for any of the armies on the Air Demon side.

The Empire side sets up within 600p of the table edge anywhere along the southern half of the east or west sides or along the south side. The Empire moves first.

Victory is awarded automatically to the Empire if they take the Air Demon stronghold, or to side with the most unbroken armies at the end of the time. Air Demons and allies flee north, Empire and allies south.

Scenario by Dave Cinabro