Siege of Diu 1546

A DBR scenario game. The Siege of Diu 1546. Diu was a Portuguese island fortress in Northwest India. This is a what it if scenario. The Ottomans sent a sea borne expedition to the east. It stopped at Aden, and took it from its local Muslim ruler. This led to the local Muslim rulers around the Arabian Sea to be very distrustful of the aims of the Ottoman expedition. The Ottomans landed at Diu and laid siege to the Portuguese fortress there. As usual the Portuguese were short handed, but they did manage did beat off a sudden rush attack, and send urgently to Goa for reinforcements. The Portuguese sent a small force as soon as possible. The arrival of the Portuguese fleet led to the Ottomans fleeing, they had been having a very tough time as the local Muslims were giving them little support.

This scenario imagines that the Ottomans and the local Indian Muslims are cooperating on a siege. The Portuguese relief forces arrive bringing their army about equal to the besiegers, and sending the Ottoman fleet fleeing. This is to avoid a DBR naval battles, which in my experience, are boring. The next day the Portuguese sortie out to finish off the besiegers with the possibility of a sea borne flank attack. We will play that out as the Portuguese try to pry the Ottomans and their Muslim Indian allies out of their hasty siege works.

Army Lists

Portuguese with Hindu Indian Contingent
TypeNumberAPCincSub 1Sub 2Sub 3
CinC Bd(O)1271---
Sub Gen Bd(F)390-111
Civaldos Sh(F)1590-555
Civaldos Bd(F)1575-555
Skirmishers Sk(O)262---
Skirmishers Sk(I)24-2--
Cannon Art(S)2502---
Cannon Art(O)2402---
Nao Shp(S)212---2
Caravels Shp(F)312---3
Boats Bts(S)26---2
Indians Sh(I)9328---
Hindu Allies------
Swordsman Bd(F)5255---
Archers Bw(O)420-22-
Archers Bw(I)820-332
Grenadiers Sk(X)216---2
Rocketeer Art(X)2202---
Muslim Indians and Ottomans
TypeNumberAPCincSub 1Sub 2Ottomans
CinC Si(S)1301---
Sub Gen Si(S)260-11-
Elephants El(O)2402---
Swordsmen Bd(F)440-22-
Javilinmen Sk(I)48-22-
Archers Bw(I)2060-1010-
Jezailichis Sk(S)282---
Bombards Art(S)3753---
Rocketeers Art(X)4404---
Grenadier Sk(X)3243---
Camp Followers Hd(O)101010---
Sub Gen Si(S)130---1
Janissaries Bw(S)642---6
Janissaries Sh(F)636---6
Azabs Bw(I)412---4
Azabs Hd(S)48---4
Levy Hd(O)66---4
Iaylars Wb(S)420---4
Voynuks Bd(O)428---4
Janissary Sharps Sk(S))228---2

Scenario Rules

A waterway on one short table edge. Muslim/Ottomans are the defenders. They set up anywhere in their half along a long side of the table. They get to deploy 3 terrain pieces (Hills, Bad Going,...) any where. Across the middle of the table is a line of siege works. These give +1 to the defender sheltered from ranged attacks. In close combat the siege works give -1 to both sides for battles across them. Any Portuguese artillery must start adjacent to their long table edge and begins in fortifications. These represent bastions of the fortress which have been filled with artillery to support the sortie. All the Portuguese forces set up within 300p of their table edge, except the naval elements and their cargo which set up in the waterway on the Portuguese half of the table. Muslim/Ottomans deploy their largest command first, followed by the Portuguese, until all commands are deployed. Portuguese move first.

Some Pictures


Nice panorama showing the Portuguese fleet in the background, the siege line, and the Portuguese sortie.

Setting up

Shot setting up the panorama. Note the Muslim and Ottoman deployment of terrain. They put two swamps out in front of their siege line and a hill between their army and the waterway. Cow Bill holding the sky, MikeO trying to hide, and Grill Bill's hand. Note the rocket from Hindu Indian Art(I) in the lower right corner.

Worried Cow Bill

Cow Bill looking worried as the sortie develops.

Muslim Indian Line

The Muslim Indian line awaits the sortie.

Center Assault

Portuguese Hindu Indian Allies assaulting the center of the siege line.


The Portuguese using their shot to break through the swamp.


We broke off with the Ottoman command on the verge of breaking and the sortie breaking through on their right. Probably the besiegers need some mounted to hold off the generally more formidable Portuguese. Good scenario. Very colorful with great troops from Bob. Thanks to him and SteveR for the pictures.