Wayne State University, Department of Physics and Astronomy


Thursday 28 January 1999

Exotic Probabilities and Quantum Mechanics

Saul Youssef, Florida State University

It has recently been shown that the basic Bayesian development of probability theory can be followed without assuming that probabilities are Real. The result is an exotic probability theory from which one can derive standard quantum mechanics and where ordinary probability theory is restored in the classical limit. This type of theory escapes Bell's theorem and other similar results and appears to nicely resolve the long standing observer and measurement problems associated with quantum theory. Recent results by Srinivasan and Sudarshan show that the spin and the Dirac equation can be found with this approach as well.

Colloquium starts at 16:00 in Room 245 and lasts about 1 hour including questions. Refreshments are served at 15:30 in room 245.

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