Wayne State University, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Martin Luther King Lecture

Tuesday 13 April 1999

Depth Profiling of the Structure of Thin Films

Luz Martinez-Miranda, University of Maryland

Glancing Incidence X-ray scattering is used to determine structural and chemical variations within thin films. This information can be used to model the structural evolution of different films and/or to compare with existing models that predict the presence of strain and domain patterns. In addition, the results can be compared with electrical/optoelectronic measurements in order to relate these to the structure of the films. This can be used in turn to optimize applications. This talk will present examples of recent measurements performed in our group involving ferroelectric films and/or liquid crystal ferroelectric films.

Colloquium starts at 16:00 in Room 245 and lasts about 1 hour including questions. Refreshments are served at 15:30 in room 245.

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