Wayne State University, Department of Physics and Astronomy


Thursday 12 November 1998

The Charm and Beauty of Particle Physics

Aida El-Khadra, University of Illinois

There are many problems in Quantum Field Theory which cannot be solved perturbatively. A well known example in particle physics is Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD-the theory of the strong interactions) at low energies. Lattice field theory offers a systematic approach to solving quantum field theories nonperturbatively. In it the space-time continuum is replaced by a discrete lattice. I will discuss recent advances in lattice QCD which have let to significant progress in our understanding of systems invloving heavy (charm and beauty) quarks.

Colloquium starts at 16:00 in Room 245 and lasts about 1 hour including questions. Refreshements are served at 15:30 in room 245.

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