Wayne State University, Department of Physics and Astronomy


Thursday 22 October, 1998

An Overview of Synchrotron Radiation Research with Hard X-rays

Don Bilderback, Associate Director CHESS, Cornell University

I will give an overview (actually just a few examples) of synchrotron radiation research with hard x-rays from various laboratories including the Cornell High Energy Synchrotron Source (CHESS) at the Cornell Electron-Positron Storage Ring (CESR). A number of examples of both science and instrumentation development will be discussed. I'll will close with an overview of where the field is headed with very high flux beamlines (at CHESS naturally) and with fourth generation storage rings for ultra-brilliant x-ray beams.

Colloquium starts at 16:00 in Room 245 and lasts about 1 hour including questions. Refreshements are served at 15:30 in room 245.

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