Beryllium Machining

Machining of the Inner Central Skin (Cornell drawing 6058-029 REV A) and the Outer Central Skin (Cornell drawing 6058-030 REV A) must be done by the vendor in accordance with the following specifications.
  1. Approved Stock must be used.
  1. Stress Relief or other Heat Treatment may be required to achieve the tolerances. This is left up to the vendor. If any heat treatment is performed it should be done in a vacuum. The technical contacts must be notified of any heat treatment that is performed.
  1. Water-Based Coolant must be used to insure the part will be usable in UHV. No oil-based lubricants or coolants are permitted. Only water-based coolants such as Cimcool (Cincinnatti Millicron) may be used.
  1. Dimensional Inspection of the completed parts to insure they meet the tolerances on the drawings is the responsibility of the vendor. An inspection report must be submitted to the technical contacts. This report should state the nominal dimension, the allowed tolerance, the achieved dimension, the measurement accuracy and the name or initials of the person responsible for the measurement.
  1. Piece Approval will be issued by Cornell within ten day of receiving acceptable inspection reports. If the piece is unacceptable, the reason will be communicated within ten days of receiving an inspection report.

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