Beryllium Stock

The vendor will provide beryllium stock for the manufacture of the Inner Central Skin (Cornell drawing 6058-029 REV A) and the Outer Central Skin (Cornell drawing 6058-030 REV A). The stock must meet the following specifications.
  1. Material Type will be S-200-F H Grade Beryllium. This is a specification of Brushwellman for a Hot Isostatically Pressed (HIP) high purity beryllium.
  1. Material Purity will be more than 99% beryllium, and the impurities will not lower the overall radiation length of the material by more than 10% from pure beryllium. This must be verified by providing the results of a beryllium assay to the technical contacts.
  1. Mechanical Properties of the beryllium stock will meet or exceed the following as determined per ASTM E-8 and MAB-205M.
    Beryllium Stock Mechanical Requirements
    (per S-200-F H)
    Material Property Minimum Value
    Ultimate Tensile Strength 60,000 psi
    Yield Strength (0.2% offset) 43,000 psi
    Elongation (% in 4 diameters) 3.0%

    This must be verified by proving the results of the mechanical tests to the technical contacts.
  1. No Inclusions in the beryllium stock that will harm the finished beryllium objects. This must be verified by performing x-ray inspection and providing detailed inspection reports to the technical contacts.
  1. Stock Approval will be issued by Cornell within ten day of receiving acceptable test reports. If the stock is unacceptable, the reason will be communicated within ten days of receiving a set of test reports.

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