Vendor Work Description

The table below lists the attached Cornell drawings.

Cornell Drawings of CLEO-III Vertex Beam pipe for
Technical Specification JC-02
Drawing Number Drawing Description
6058-025 REV A Assembly
6058-026 REV A Beryllium Sub-Assembly
6058-027 REV A Copper Sub-Assembly
6058-029 REV A Inner Central Skin
6058-030 REV A Outer Central Skin
6058-031 REV A Central Manifold Ends
6058-032 REV A End Collar
6058-040 Inner Central Skin/
End Collar Sub-Assembly

     These drawings are provided as a basis for construction. Any deviations from the Cornell Drawings or this Technical Specification JC-02 must be approved by the technical contacts and must not increase the project cost. This section describes the tasks required of the vendor.

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