E-beam Weld

The Full Assembly (Cornell Drawing 6058-025 REV A) requires electron beam welds to join the Beryllium Sub-Assembly (6058-026 REV A) to the Copper Sub-Assemblies (6058-027 REV A). These joints are a vendor responsibility. The joint must conform to the following specifications.
  1. Copper Sub-Assembly Cornell Drawing 6058-027 REV A will be manufactured and shipped to the vendor by Cornell. Note that the copper sub-assembly is constructed with braze joints made at 720°C and that the copper-stainless steel transition piece in the Copper Sub-Assembly cannot stand temperatures in excess of 800°C and remain a UHV seal.
  1. Joint Design Details will be the responsibility of the vendor. The drawing set shows a pure butt joint, but a small step or other detail may be added to help with joint fixturing and alignment. The joint should have 100% coverage. Final joint design must be approved by the technical contact.
  1. Cleaning of the assembly after welding and before pressure and leak testing is the responsibility of the vendor.
  1. Leak Testing of the assembly will be performed by the vendor with a representative from Cornell present. Cornell will provide caps for the copper sub-assemblies that make a vacuum tight O-ring seal for use in these tests. The vacuum leak test will be performed with the inside of the beam pipe under vacuum and the outside and cooling channel at one atmosphere. In this condition a mass spectrometer leak test must show no leakage higher than 2 x 10-10 ATM CC/sec of Helium.

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