The Clean And Environmentally Safe Advanced Reactor (CAESAR)

Claudio Filippone

Univeristy of Maryland

As all nations struggle to meet the rising demand for energy in a climate of economic and political instability, environmental pollutants continue to build from the burning of coal, oil and natural gas, and the production of toxic nuclear waste by today's nuclear reactors. The use of fossil fuels to generate electricity and other forms of energy accounts for 80-85% of the world's consumption. Nuclear power accounts for approximately 25% of the electricity produced, and only a negligible fraction of worldwide energy demand comes from clean or renewable energy sources. While today's nuclear reactors contribute to decreased pollutant emissions, their subsequent production of nuclear waste has severe environmental, economic and national security implications. A satisfactory solution to the treatment, transportation and storage of toxic nuclear waste has not yet been found, and has led to inconsistent policies often formed by closed-loop groups or lobbyists biased by private interests and "local" economics. Most of the nuclear power plants operating worldwide are capable of producing weapons-grade material, turning energy production into a political issue with national security implications.

In this seminar, an overview of the Department of Energy "Generation IV" Nuclear Power Plants most advanced designs with their subsequent impact on permanent waste storage policies (including aspects on the permanent repository at Yucca Mountain, Nevada) will be provided. The Clean and Environmentally Safe Advanced Reactor project is an independent design integrating all of the aspects needed in most of the currently sponsored designs without using exotic or unproven technologies and with the main goals of decreasing environmental pollution and nuclear proliferation in the shortest amount of time possible. The CAESAR Project is headed by Dr. Claudio Filippone , a nuclear scientist and Director of the Center for Advanced Energy Concepts at the University of Maryland. After a general approach to the nuclear proliferation/energy issues Dr. Filippone will introduce the technical aspects of all current designs and compare them with the CAESAR project.

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