Magic Flange Construction Drawings

  1. Assembly Diagram;
  2. Support Arm 1;
  3. Support Arm 2;
  4. Fixed Plate;
  5. Collar Bearing;
  6. Nut Bearing;
  7. Male Pipe;
  8. Female Pipe; and
  9. Nut Clamp.

Magic Flange Prototype Construction Pictures

  1. Test Assembly of arms, air motor, shaft, and gears on 4 December 1996: Side View; Front View; and Back View.
  2. Test Assembly of all but pipes on 17 January 1997: One Side View; Other Side View; Front View; and Back View.
  3. Test Assembly of gear action on 18 February 1997: Top View; Side View showing solder joint between nut and gear; Other side view; and James Roy Barlow (aka Roy) who did all the machining.
  4. Nearly Finished Pipes on 20 March 1997: Both Pipes assembled; Both Pipes separated; The male pipe; and The female pipe.