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  1. Education Activities

    1. AST 4200: Astronomical Laboratory, Winter 2020

    2. PHY 5991: Introduction to Research in Physics and Astronomy, Fall 2019

    3. AST 4100: Astronomical Techniques, Winter 2015

    4. Astronomy 2010: Descriptive Astronomy, Fall 2014

    5. Physics 1020: Conceptual Physics, Winter 2014

    6. Physics 2140: General Physics, Winter 2011

    7. PHY 5010: Stellar Astrophysics, Winter 2010

    8. Physics 5990: Wayne State REU and RET Programs, Winter 2010

    9. PHY 3100: Sounds of Music, Fall 2009

    10. PHY 3300: Modern (Astro)Physics, Winter 2008

    11. Physics 8810: Particle Physics, Fall 2007

    12. FYS 1850(Astronomy 2020): The Heavens and Earth, Fall 2005

    13. PHY 3300: Modern Physics, Winter 2005

    14. Physics 2130: General Physics, Fall 2003

    15. Physics 6850: Modern Physics Lab I, Winter 2002

    16. Classes from more than a few years ago

  2. Research Activities

    NOTE: My research activites are supported by the National Science Foundation.

    I am a an experimental particle physicist. For a good description of what that means try the wonderful particle adventure. Also I have a presentation on particle at the Wayne State Physics Feast on What is the Universe Made of?

    I am also an astrophysicist which means that I get paid to look the sky. I mostly try to find supernovae and figure out the origin and ultimate fate of the universe. This is called cosmology.

    1. CLEO Physics Results

    2. I am member of the CLEO collaboration which used to be at Cornell. I did a great deal of research there.

      1. Limits on D Mixing in Semileptonic D Decays. Published in PRD. Write up of McGee's Thesis.

      2. First Observation and Dalitz Analysis of the D0 -> KSetapi0 Decay. Published in PRL. Work by Dubrovin and Cinabro.

      3. Search for CP Violation in D0 -> Kspi+pi-. Published in PRD. Cinabro coauthor of work by David Asner.

      4. Observation of a Narrow Resonance of Mass 2.46 GeV/ Decaying to Ds* pi^0 and Confirmation of the D_sJ*(2317). Published in PRD. Cinabro coauthor of work by a large CLEO team. If you can get to Nature then here has some quotes from Cinabro discussing this discovery.

      5. Dalitz Analysis of D0 -> Kspi+pi-. Published in PRL. Cinabro coauthor of work by David Asner.

      6. A technique for measuring emittance at e+e- colliders. Paper submitted to NIMA, work by Korbiak.

      7. Sean McGee's, my student, PhD Thesis on the search for D0 mixing in the K*enu channel.

      8. Lifetime Differences, Direct CP Violation and Partial Widths in D0 Meson Decays to K+K- and pi+pi-. Published in PRD. Cinabro author of work by Tony Hill.

      9. Sean's Lake Louise Winter Institute write up on the search for D0 mixing in the K*enu channel.

      10. Two papers measuring the width of the D*+ and a precision measurement of m(D*+)-m(D0). One is a summary letter published PRL. The second is a long version published PRD. Work was mostly by Mikhail Dubrovin while I did most of the writing.

      11. A paper on measuring beam parameters primarily by me and a Wayne State undergraduate Katherine Korbiak. The published version in NIMA.

      12. I spoke on New Results from CLEO at the XXXth International Conference on High Energy Physics in Osaka Japan. That talk has a thorough review of CLEO results for the summer of 2000. Also the write-up of that talk.

      13. A talk given by Wayne State post-doc Mikhail Dubrovin on the width of the D*.

      14. Sean McGee, Wayne State graduate student working with me gave part of a large talk on the D mixing.

      15. Observation of Dynamic Beta Effects at CESR and a link to the publication.

    3. Sloan Digital Sky Survey

    4. In 2006 I will be working on the Sloan Digital Sky Survey on the Supernova Survey. as a guest at the Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics at the University of Chicago.

      1. Talk on the supernova survey at the Astronomical Image Processing Workshop in beautiful Dubrovnik, Croatia in September 2006.

      2. Colloquium on cosmology and the supernova survey I gave at the University of Cincinnati and the Toledo Astronomical Association in April 2007.

    5. BTeV Experiment

    6. I was sacrificed without guarantee on BTeV. I worked with the pixel group on mechanical and detector options.

      1. Talk updating BTEV's status at Beauty 2003 at Carnegie Mellon in October 2003.

      1. Talk I gave on coooling options at an internal review.

    7. High Energy e+e-Linear Collider

      1. Talk and brief write up at IWLC 2002 on luminosity spectrum.

      2. Talk and brief write up on beamstrahlung monitor at IWLC 2002.

      3. Interaction Point Beam Instrumentation Working Group home page. I used to co-chair this group along with Eric Torrence and Mike Woods. Contact them for further information.

      4. Home page for Silicon Drift R+D at High Energy e+e-Linear Collider.

      5. Top threshold studies with a high energy e+e- linear collider.

      6. I was an interim organizer along with David Gerdes and Andreas Kronfeld of the top physics working group on the Physics and Detectors for Future e+e- Linear Colliders.

        Here is the talk I gave at the Sitges meeting at the end of April 1999. on the ttbar threshold and machine parameters, and the write up of that work.

        I gave a talk on my progress at studying the ttbar threshold region at a NLC Detector Simulation Study Meeting at Fermilab in February 1999.

        There was a workshop in Keystone, CO in late September 1998. Here was the agenda for the top sessions at the Keystone workshop. It also includes links to the talks that were given.

      7. I also gave a talk at the Keystone meeting on the CESR/CLEO interaction region highlighting things that are relevant to the interaction region at a future e+e- Linear Collider.

    8. CLEO-CESR Interaction Region Studies

    9. Another thread of my research effort has been the study of the interface between the accelerator CESR, where large beams of electrons and positrons are circulating in a vacuum system and brought into collision, and the detector CLEO, where very sensitive sensors look through the thinest possible wall and are adversely affected when the beams, or even small parts of them, do not stay in the pipe.

      1. A summary of our understanding of beam generated background in the CESR-CLEO II.V interaction region.

      2. Source effectiveness on CLEO III Silicon layer 1 according to the lost particle simulation.

      3. CLEO III Magic Flange drawings and construction photos.

      4. CLEO III Beryllium beam pipe drawings, information and tests.

      5. Documentation of CLEO III beam pipe construction. Original web design by Dawn Isabel; later mangled by me.

      6. Contamination versus time in the CLEO II.V beryllium beam pipe cooling water.

      7. A study by my graduate student Sean McGee and me of a hydrocarbon cooling fluid.

      8. A talk I gave at the Babar Background Remediation Workshop on Background Operations at CESR/CLEO and a picture of the CESR operator's color display referenced in that talk but which does not fit nicely in the postscript file.

      9. I have been working with some other folks on wide angle beamstrahlung as a beam-diagnostic. Here is a collection of papers and notes on the subject.

    10. Other Research Activities

      1. I gave a review of rare charm decays from colliders at CIPANP 2003 at New York City in May 2003.

      2. I gave a review of the Wayne State REU program before HEPAP at Ithaca, NY in August 2002.

      3. I gave a summary of new charm results from CLEO at Heavy Flavor 9 at Caltech in September 2001.

      4. I gave a colloquium in January 2001 at Wayne State on heavy flavor physics.

      5. My review on heavy quark states and non rare decays for 1998 Physics in Collision.

  3. Other Activities

    1. Story of adopting our second child from Almaty, Kazakhstan

    2. Winter 2005 HEP/Nuclear Physics Seminar Schedule

    3. Fall 1998 Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Schedule

    4. Winter 1999 Physics and Astronomy Colloquium Schedule

    5. Spam Haikus

    6. Scenario for Hordes of the Things

    7. New Scenario for Hordes of the Things

    8. Battle of Pavia scenario for DBR

    9. Battle of Fornovo: 1495

    10. Siege of Diu: 1546

    11. Battle of Edgehill: 1642

    12. Battle of Marston Moor: 1644